Why Do People Attend College or University?

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Why do people attend college or university? After high school graduated, many people will get a job and work in our society. But also many people will choose to attend college or university. If I have a chance in the future, I will definitely go to college. There are two reasons that I think why people will attend college or university. One is can learn more knowledge. Another one is to get a higher paying job. First of all, things that people learn from high school are very basic and shallow.
For example, in history class, we might know that George Washington led his army won war and United States became independent. We all got this, but we didn’t know what he did in detail. So we couldn’t say we already get all of that, it was piece of cake. That is wrong. Thus, people will continue to study more and then the better for that is go to college or university. Also some people may want to learn a special skill like how to fix a car, and then they will go to the mechanic university.
There are various types of subjects that you can learn more from college or university, just people want to improve themselves. Moreover, people have studied in college or university can get a better opportunity in finding a job when they step into the society formally. Like some people are not so well-off, they will have an idea, “I need to working harder than the other students. ” This thinking brings them into college or university. So they may get a college diploma, master degree, or doctor degree later.

So when they apply for a job, the chance they can get into the good company is easier. For instance, to be a manager in the John Hancock Tower, you must get a good salary like more than $8000. The reason to get a higher paying job is to improve your own life. All in all, I think people apply for college or university because of those two reasons. But also you can meet a lot of intelligent friends, who can help you in the future, and you will become a good boy or girl with them by the influence form those friends. But anyway, “no pain, no gain. ”

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Why Do People Attend College or University?

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