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The Dawros Bay Hotel has recently major financial problems. It is partly because of the economic crisis, but also because of the loss of our clientele. In order to bring back our customers , management appointed me as a new Restaurant manager. The management have lso set their objectives of providing excellent food with 5* as there unique selling point. Therefore, to increase our working effecience and quality of restaurant proper training will be provided as first.
This training manual will indroduce you with some new Standard operating procedures which I believe will help us to become succesfull and profitable Restaurant. Daniel Hovancak Restaurant Manager The Importance of Training Training is one of our crucial factor to become succesful and profitable restaurant. It will help you ( as an employee ) to become more efficient and productive if you are trained well.
Lillcrap (2010) defines training as the systematic developmnet of people, where the the general objectives are to : Increase the quantity and quality of output by improving employee skills Reduce accidents Make the operation more profitable by reducing the amount of equipment and material required to produce or sell in a given unit Make it possible for restaurant manager, or restaurant supervisors to spend less time correcting mistakes and more time in planning Enable new employees to meet their Job requirements and enable experienced employees to accept transfers and increase efficiency in work Definition of Standard Operating Procedures

Standard operating procedures (SOP) are detailed explanation of how a policy is to be implemented. An effective SOP communicates who will perform the task, what materials are necessary, where the task will take place, when the task shall be performed and how the person will execute the task. The purpose of a SOP is to give detailed directions. This means that every single member of Food and Berverge staff in Dawross Bay Hotel can do a Job correctly, on time and what is very important every time..
Every SOP iw written will be presented to be more effective, Training that includes hands-on learning activities ill help you to learn and remember information more readily. Every member of F&B staff will be regularly monitored after trainig to make sure you are following training procedures. In general, according to his personal opinion, I believe there are 4 aspects that should be included in his Training Manual as Standard Operating Procedures. These are as follow: 1. How to make make perfect Espresoo 3. Upselling 4.

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