Test And Measurements 2.

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Test And Measurements 2.

Test And Measurements 2.


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For this task, complete the   readings for this assignment, and then write a paper in which you complete   the following:

  1. Write an introduction that        examines the construct, its conceptual definition/s, and related        concepts.
  2. Review the literature and the        existing tools that measure the construct.
  3. Provide justification for        your original scale.
  4. Discuss how you intend to        construct the items, cognizant of the basic principles of item pool        construction, the necessity of SMEs, the unidimensionality or        multidimensionality of the construct, etc.
  5. Write at least 20 sample        items that represent the construct you are planning to measure. You may        construct negatively-worded items, but indicate these in a chart or        table. If the construct you choose has two or more dimensions under it,        write sample items indicating which items fall under which dimension.        (See for example, the Life Position Scale that contained four dimensions        I’m OK etc. at first, but after factor analysis the dimensions reduced        to two—I and You.) These are attached to the assignment
  6. Argue for a specific method        of running an item analysis procedure.
  7. Argue for at least two        specific methods of establishing your scale’s validity (Choose at least        one method for construct validity, and another method for        criterion-related validity. In criterion validation, it is not enough to        simply write that you are planning to employ the method. Be sure to        specify the variable(s) you will correlate your scale with.

Length: 10-15 pages

Your assignment should demonstrate   thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts by providing new thoughts   and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect   scholarly writing and current APA standards.

Due: October 17, 2018 by 4pm EST

  • attachmentHomeworkmarket9.docx
Strongly DisagreeDisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly Agree
I think people are out to get me     
I need to kill to feel calm     
I would kill again if I was let out     
I agree with my current treatment plan     
Discussing the details of my case makes me happy     
I feel judged by my therapist     
I hear voices     
I feel sorry for what I did     
I had control of my actions     
Killing is wrong     
I feel remorse for my actions     
Being incarcerated has helped me see the error in my ways     
I think my medication is helping me     
I would repeat the same actions if given another chance     
I hear voices     
I think I am receiving enough therapy for my mental illness(es)     
I still pose a threat to society     
I am happier than I used to be     
I understand my emotions     
Killing feels good

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Test And Measurements 2.

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