Need a discussion post in APA format of 500-700 words with 4 citations and references

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 What is the significance of process design in the performance and productivity of organization?
Developing and originating a plan to improve the effectiveness of a service, process, or product is referred to as process design. Process design and operations management are intertwined since their functions are carried out together to increase productivity and efficiency in organizations. Management is an organizational component that deals with control of production processes and service delivery.
According to Slack, Brandon-Jones, and Johnston (2017), process design shapes the purpose and nature of goods and services among with the processes needed for their production. Success and effectiveness of product manufacture are increased through proper coordination of process design that should have well-articulated objectives, mainly aimed at improving quality, cost, dependability, and speed of meeting customer needs. The process design should also ensure that it gives reasonable consideration to the environmental needs and protection.
 Process design should adhere to certain steps to foster effectiveness. The steps are problem definition, background research, requirements specifications, solutions brainstorming, choice of the best option as a solution, developing the work, prototype development, and testing and redesigning. Variety and volume of products made by an organization have an influence on the process design effectiveness and implementation. Types of processes are arranged in the order of reducing variety and increasing volume in the manufacturing sector (Turner, Strong, & Gold, 2014). The types include mass, project, continuous, jobbing, and batch processes. On the other hand, in service operations, the terms used in regard to variety and volume include service shops, mass and professional services. Processes are often designed in detail despite the initial process of breaking them into individual activities. Different types of activities are represented through common symbols, and activities are monitored through the process mapping technique. Little’s law is a formula used in process design to provide a relationship for cycle time, throughput, and work-in-progress in evaluating process performance. 
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Need a discussion post in APA format of 500-700 words with 4 citations and references

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