MSW Program Learning Strategies Discussion

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MSW Program Learning Strategies Discussion

MSW Program Learning Strategies Discussion


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Discussion – Week 1 Discussion: Foundation : Online Learning The Walden University Master’s Social Works is an educational program that guides students


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sage Actions Expand All Collapse All posted 6 years ago (last edited 2 years ago) 《 Anonymous Discussion – Week 1 Discussion: Foundations: Online Learning The Walden University Master’s in Social Work is an educational program that guides students through development of knowledge, values, and skills associated with the social work profession. The online format enables a great deal of flexibility in order for working professionals to have access to the social work graduate degree and career preparation. Consider, however, whether any challenges might also accompany learning in an online format. For this Discussion, review the Walden University resources on online learning strategies. Post by Day 4 a description of two strategies you plan to practice in order to enhance your online learning in the MSW program. Justify your use of each strategy. Respond by Day 6 to at least two colleagues, suggesting a third strategy that the colleague might also incorporate. Click on the Reply button below to reveal the textbox for entering your message. Then click on the Submit button to post your message. REPLY MacBook Air FIL F10 F9 F8 F7 F6 DOO Q00 F5 30 F3 F4 * ( + 1L # $ & 7 % 5 0 く。 9 8 4 O Р Y U

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MSW Program Learning Strategies Discussion

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