Leadership and Innovation Response

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Leadership and Innovation Response

Leadership and Innovation Response


Initial Question:

Provide three examples of how creativity, flexibility, innovation, and leadership intersect to drive organizational success. What is the impact on the organizations? Leadership and Innovation Response

My response:

Creativity, flexibility, innovation, and leadership intersect to drive organizational success. A successful leader requires being creative, flexible, and innovative to come up with new ideas and implement the necessary changes to meet organizational goals (Bishwas, 2015).

Zappos is one organization guided by the intersection of creativity, flexibility, innovation, and leadership to excel in its shoe market. Zappos comes up with new ideas of their shoes daily. Zappos’ employees pursue growth and learning through its leadership they come up with new designs, are flexible to customer reviews and needs and implement the changes to ensure its success in the market. The company’s CEO states that successful companies are those that have employees with the best ideas and execute them effectively (Bishwas, 2015).

Apple Inc. also intersects creativity, flexibility, innovation, and good leadership to continue excelling in its electronics or technology industry. Technology is constantly upgrading and changing and requires good leadership, flexibility, creativity, and innovativeness to keep up with the pace. Apple continuously comes up with new mobile devices as per market demand. Apple has recently launched the iPhone 11 Pro, which comes with a larger screen display and resolution. Apple aims at delivering the future today. Apple leadership continuously comes up with new mobile devices to satisfy their consumer demands. The company’s leadership does not shy off from implementing new changes and advancing their phones.

Taco Bell is a fast-food restaurant that fosters employee creativity and innovation through tuition, scholarships, and programs to showcase employee’s talent. The leaders also offer rewards to encourage employees. The company is flexible and makes a variety of tacos, burritos, and any other consumer choices to be the nation’s leading quick-service restaurant. The restaurant has an ever-evolving menu flexible enough to fit every person’s lifestyle. The company connects with fans through sports and music and community, thus ensuring its success.

Impact on organizations

Leadership, creativity, flexibility, and innovation influence an organization’s success. Generating new ideas is essential to an organization. Creativity helps leaders to look at things in new ways and solve problems that an organization encounters. A leader with a vision that is innovative drives an organization to great lengths. The aspects are essential for an organization’s survival in the ever-changing environment t and the cultural climate that exists in the present day. Apart from helping in problem-solving, the aspects help in achieving growth as they can meet goals. An innovative leader sees opportunities and strives to find ways to attain organizational goals. The leader finds ways to increase profits for an organization or to expand the market through creativity and innovation (Kim & Yoon, 2015).

A creative leader considers the ideas of employees and not imposes their ideas on the employees. Employees have different information from the management; therefore, seeing ideas differently is essential for an organization as they will give various opportunities. Different perceptions and understanding of the problems lead to different solutions (Kim & Yoon, 2015). The employees and management rely on each other to grow, thus ensuring growth for the organization. Creativity, innovation, and flexibility present new ideas for employees and management in the workplace. It helps in developing thought leadership as a leader creates ideas and shares with subordinates and inspire others to be creative. The elements ensure the success and growth of an organization.


Bishwas, S. K. (2015). Achieving organization vitality through innovation and flexibility: An empirical study. Global Journal of Flexible Systems Management16(2), 145-156.

Respond to this:

I believe you hit a foundational pillar to innovation. You said, employees and management rely on each other to grow. Exactly right. The example of Apple with the manner in which technology changes illustrates a principle stated by Davis & Sadgehinejad (2016). Their (Davis & Sadgehinejad, 2016) contention is technology is the number one driver of change and to be adaptable, flexible, and resilient is an absolute must. As a result of this fast paced environment, management and employees must rely heavily on one another to produce clever and unique ideas to stay viable. This is teamwork at its finest. While a team must have a leader, each team member has a role and value and is charged with contributing to the team’s synergy. The leader articulates the problems and needs, then provides the framework for the team members to operate in finding new and/or better ways of doing things.


Davis, B. & Sadgehinejad, A. (2016, January 4). 6 ways team leaders inspire creativity and innovation. Ashford University. Retrieved from https://www.ashford.edu/blog/student-lifestyle/6-w…

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