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Your case study this week examines various groups’ responses to the Stamp Act in the 1760s. Again, your case study provides an introduction to the materials and then links to various primary sources.
Link to Case Study: http://americainclass.org/sources/makingrevolution/crisis/text3/text3.htm
You will again be discussing the case study in a small group.
In your small group, you should consider the following questions:

From these documents, what impressions do you form of Americans’ response to the Stamp Act?
What impression do you have of the Loyalist and British response to American resistance?
Summarize the main arguments in America for and against the Stamp Act and, more generally, the authority of Parliament to tax the colonies. Note how the arguments evolve through the decade leading to war.

Post initial response by Thursday at 11:50 PM
Post responses to at least two classmates by Friday at 11:50 PM

Grading: Your discussion will be graded based on your level of participation (each of you should initiate at least one post and reply to at least two posts), but also the quality of your postings. The best postings are clear and well-written, make direct reference to the readings and primary sources, and help to open discussion with other classmates.
Each discussion is worth 4 points. You will get 1 point for your initial post and 1 point for your two replies. If your initial post and replies meet the expectations for quality as defined above, your post will receive up to an additional two points.

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