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A key ingredient in employee satisfaction is feeling knowledgeable  and competent. This begins with an effective orientation and training  program for each new employee. Most organizations hold a formal new  employee orientation session covering the organization goals and  structure, employment policies, employee conduct etc. In addition to  general organization orientation, it is important for new employee also  be oriented to the HIM department.
    For this assignment you will design a checklist which will  include the various topics you will want your new employee to know about  working in the HIM department. As the various topics are discussed, the  employee and you will initial each item to indicate they have heard and  understood the information. When the orientation is complete the  employee will sign and date the checklist, as this document will become a  part of the employee’s file.
      Create a New Orientation Checklist Form to include the following items:  

Name and address of the hospital
Employee’s name, ID#
List the various topics you will cover with your new employee
Area for the employee to initial off on each topic
Signature and date line for employee

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