Health Diabetes Discussion.

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Health Diabetes Discussion.

Health Diabetes Discussion.


What would your PICOT question for this be? Population diabetics or would you focus on a specific age group or poriton of the population. What specifically would you use for your intervention? What woudl you compare your intervention group to in order to know if your intervention worked? What would be your desired outcome? And how long will you collect data for this project?

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Diabetes continues to hold a relatively high death toll among the elderly. About 22 044 elders die every year due to diabetes, and quite alarmingly, the death rate continues to increase with increases in age. The elderly, particularly those above the age of 65 years, make up more than 15% of the total number of fatalities accumulated by the disease. Doctors advocate prevention measures, yet the mortality rate of the disease remains high. It highly threatens the elderly population, especially persons from third-world countries where information becomes scarce and limited at times. Formulating and implementing schemes to control the disease spread and mortality rate should be facilitated by all means to bridge the gap between the new and improved underprivileged majority and advantaged opportunities. Health Diabetes Discussion.

Change initiative summary

Having new concepts for improving medical care reduces cases of diabetes infections and death. Nursing science provides for better delivery of medical services. It is rather unfortunate that diabetes among the elderly is quite fatal. The intervention towards handling diabetes should deal with understanding the information presented by the patients. Nurses conduct better diabetes care roles with better nursing training, education, and adequate recourses (Nikitara et al., 2019). They continue to explain that strategies should also be included when campaigning for better diabetes medical care. Vissarion et al (2014) asserts that patients must be enlightened with information that could promote better self-care while managing diabetes. They continue to explain how patients with diabetes tend to lead a better and longer life while conducting self-care.

Diabetes, like many other diseases, still calls for more research. As agreed by Mareno (2016) there is more that can be researched in the field of diabetes research.Mareno further elaborate on how other conditions develop and affect diabetic people. Mental issues and other complications that affect patients dealing with diabetes significantly contribute to the mortality rate. As such, underlying issues and complications that may arise after suffering from the disease still require some more work. Curtis & Hagerty (2002) explain how hard it is to manage diabetes. Therefore an intervention must be made in the research for better administration of medical care to diabetes patients.

Facilitating further research in diabetes medical care can and will prevent people from succumbing to the disease. The disease is currently under-researched, and due to this, more people continue to suffer from it. To better protect patients, increase their life expectancy; especially the elderly more work needs to be done on the disease. More elderly patients should be enrolled for research and at the same time gets more training for the medical care staff handling diabetes. The patients should also be enrolled in education programs to teach them information on their health conditions as diabetes carriers. Since the disease has some known facts, sensitization of such information should be made paramount.

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Health Diabetes Discussion.

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