Health and Behavior Discussion Question.

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Health and Behavior Discussion Question.

Health and Behavior Discussion Question.



Registered Nurses play an important role as hospitals continue to search for higher quality care and safety. As Advanced Registered Nurse, we focus on the leadership that provides quality and measures guide practice. Data and information came from staff, patient surveys assisting nursing leaders in making the decisions that impact quality care and has a special role to achieve all the plan of actions designed for the organization. Healthcare organization have formulated an action plan and how to use to improve the quality of care and increase patient’s safety. Quality improvement has a very crucial role in healthcare organizations. Meaningful use defines as all electronic health records are being used in a meaningful way that makes certain about health information is shared and exchange that improves patient care. It also provides quality, safety, effectiveness, and lessening the disparities. It also promotes care coordination, assures adequate safety and privacy protection. There are three phases that support the quality improvements. The first phase is the clinical decision support which supports the healthcare providers and patients to make the proper decisions during that time. Examples of meaningful use in clinical decision support are focused patient-data reports or conditions, drug-interaction checks, documentations, diagnostic support-specific condition order sets. The second phase is the electronic health records that share data that uses patient’s information to provide quality of care during the treatment and the last phase is the electronic clinical quality measures in which this tool will track the quality of services rendered by healthcare workers and help find areas for improvement.

AHIMA Foundation is advocating for people, research, and resources that provide health information and has an ethical obligation in the privacy, safeguarding, and securing patient’s health information. This promotes high standards of practice, establishes to use as a guide in decision making, establishes a framework for professionals with their responsibilities and behaviors especially if ethical issues arise. The very important result and meaningful data is about the quality of care data intended for its purpose.


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As the number of APRN’s continue to rise and fill in necessary spots in healthcare, the need for NP specific quality measurements arises. According to Kleinpell and Kapu (2017), there are several organizations that offer quality measurements and techniques for NPs to incorporate into their practice. One such example is the National Quality Forum, whose outcome measures are considered by CMS for public reporting and performance-based reimbursement. For nurse educators specifically, the National League for Nursing regularly (n.d.) updates their core competencies that help evaluate the quality of teaching.

Information technology has allowed healthcare capacity to grow exponentially by creating more effective ways to go about patient care, they are also able to draw trends from patient care metrics that can statistically show certain standards such as occurrence reporting of patient falls or the percent of medications scanned. These are some examples of how informatics can give feedback and improve quality of care for bedside nurses. While meaningful use incentivizes organization’s to efficiently use their electronic management systems, information governance is the cycle used in relation to that information management system to ensure that technology is being used appropriately while also protecting patient’s health information.


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Quality standards play a vital part in the nursing profession. It is the foundation of our practice by giving us guidelines in which to operate. The quality standard that most guide my role as an advance practice registered nurse is ethics. It is what keep us just and fair to make the best decision for our patients. In a role of leadership you need to always remain ethical for your staff members and the patients you serve. Informatics can be used to improve quality of care because a data system that manages data and is programmed for best practice us unbiased which further supports the ethical standard. Meaningful measure focuses on identifying an issue using a quality measure and improving it. Meaningful use is utilizing the health technology in a useful way to provide quality care. The interoperability of the different informatics creates a working system with the patient’s privacy protected, evidence based practice usage as well as standards of care reflected. This will provide the best quality care for out patients which is every health care provider’s goal.


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Health and Behavior Discussion Question.

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