Final Project Milestone Four.

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Final Project Milestone Four.

Final Project Milestone Four.


For additional details, please refer to the Milestone Four Guidelines and Rubric PDF document.

Helpful hint: Refer to the Milestone Four Exemplar document.

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Proposed Research Topic:

Prevalence of Mental Health Disorders Among Foster Children

Lesly Ulloa

Research Methods in Psychology

Professor Bernadette Boozer-Madison

The research topic I will focus on is examining the prevalence of mental health disorders among foster children and the risk factors associated with it. The level of parental neglect has significantly increased in most western societies, which endangers a child’s development and health due to out-of-home placement. The disconnection of these children from their biological families often affects their emotional and psychological well-being. The primary investigations about mental health problems in foster children utilizing symptom checklists show a high prevalence of mental health problems among these children. The research project will assess and document the mental health status of foster children living in foster families.

The list of search terms that will be used includes foster care, mental health disorders, foster children, alcohol and substance use disorders, the prevalence of mental health disorders, mental health services.

The question of the research is: What are the mental health problems faced by foster care children. The question will guide the study in establishing the symptoms and impairment related to mental health that these children exhibit. Interviews or questionnaires will be administered to the children and foster parents to obtain first-hand information of the mental issues foster children experience after being disconnected from their biological families. As the researcher, I will judge the answers provided by various informants. I will evaluate the disorders that meet the diagnostic criteria for specific mental health disorders. The data collected will generate rational incidence estimations of mental disorders among foster children and will guide public health service provision of such children.

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Final Project Milestone Four.

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