Eric Peterson and Jenkins Case

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Eric Peterson & Jenkins Case Management of Organizations How was Jenkins’ view of the situation different from Erik’s and why? Jenkins believes that the struggling Biometra is having in the product launch derives from a combination of factors whose responsibilities are shared among SciMat top Management (including Jenkins) and Peterson himself as the general manager of the company. We can summarize them in three main points: * Lack of support from SciMat management Peterson weak management and leadership of the launch * Peterson inappropriate personal decisions Jenkins view of Biometra problems differs from Peterson one because he considers also the responsibilities of the latter. A part some inappropriate decisions took by the general manager related with Biometra salaries attribution, Jenkins criticizes Peterson for his low level of enterprisingness and enthusiasm which results in a weak management of the launch.
Their views are very different because of the experience and the position of Jenkins which allows him to have a well rounded understanding of the situation being some time even auto critical. Peterson instead seems to be affected by self-serving bias attributing all the responsibilities to external factors (i. e. Andrews Curtis incompetence … ). What is the main problem at Biometra and what should Jenkins have done differently? The main problems at BioMetra are: 1. Lack of competencies 2. Low SciMat commitment and support in the launch activities 3.
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Bureaucratic and slow moving times culture (1) The launch is within a new industry and the risk, although the excellent business idea, is very high. Jenkins had to assure proper competences within the start up hiring people with experience in the field. Otherwise he could have asked support to external consultants as an interim solution. (2) The weak relation between SciMat management and Biometra is another big cause of launch problems. It seems that senior management is not directly committed with the launch even is a key target for the company new strategy.
To mitigate this Jenkins could have aligned the management system of incentives to have a overall better commitment and secondly he could have legitimated Peterson position in a better way at the beginning of his mandate with an official nomination. (3) SciMat culture is far from being dynamic and aggressive as it should be for a company willing to enter a new market. To been able to change it Jenkins should start from Biometra which represents the future for SciMat, spending more time working side by side with the management to spread his enthusiasm and hiring assertive people like Samantha.

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Eric Peterson and Jenkins Case

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