Code of ethics

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Code of ethicsResearch and select a health care organization in which you locate the mission statement, its code of ethics, and core values.Possible health care organizations:American Red CrossWhat are the organization’s goals? How are they tied to its ethical principles? Describe the role and importance of the organization’s ethical values. 225 words. one refrence      ……………….Answer Preview……………………At the American Red Cross, The mission statement is being the leader among the best. This we achieved through offering the best health services in the best facilities and restructures, hiring qualified personnel and making them highly motivated which makes the organization’s services first class. The organization also aims at building the best relationship with the community to be able to work with each member in harmony and respect. This will be achieved through introducing social activities, awarding……APA346 words as low as4.00 –  Added to cart

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Code of ethics

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