Career Counseling Initial Session And Summary.

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Career Counseling Initial Session And Summary.

Career Counseling Initial Session And Summary.


Review the “The Influence of Gender: Career Counseling Initial Session and Summary” document.

APA style is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

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Counseling Informed Consent Form

As part of the Counseling programs at Grand Canyon University (GCU), students are required to complete counseling recorded sessions. Review of the sessions and feedback will help the students grow in their depth of counseling knowledge and skills.

Directions: Client, please complete this form as indicated below. Please read the form carefully, making sure you understand each statement, and then initial each section where indicated. At the end of the form, add your electronic signature and the date.

Note to Counseling Students: Please obtain a completed form from the client for each counseling session and submit the form as directed.

I, Enter your full name here, understand and agree to each of the following statements:

I consent to video/audio recordings being made of counseling sessions and to these recordings being used to aid in the growth of counseling knowledge and skills. 
I consent to the excerpts from these recordings, or descriptions of them, being used by the Grand Canyon University faculty and staff for the purposes of supervision, research, and/or teaching. 
I understand that any part of a conversation that is recorded and/or written down will be kept confidential. Additionally, throughout the video recording process, the camera will only face the counseling intern, so that the client will not be video recorded during any portion of the recorded session. 
I will not disclose any information that may identify me in the counseling session recordings. I will use an alias. 
I understand that Zoom will be used to record counseling sessions and that Zoom meets both HIPAA and FERPA confidentiality standards. 
I understand that the video/audio recordings will be kept for a period of 3 months. After the allotted time has passed, the recordings will be deleted by the GCU counseling intern. 
I understand that if the recording of the counseling session activates any suicidal ideation or other potentially harmful thoughts, I will reach out to a professional in my area immediately. Neither GCU, the college, nor the counseling student will be held accountable if I harm myself. 

By signing below, I attest that I have read, understand, and agree to the statements above as indicated for the counseling recording sessions as required in the Counseling programs. The checked box next to your printed name constitutes your electronic signature.

Printed Name Date Electronic Signature Acknowledgement

© 2020. Grand Canyon University. All Rights Reserved.

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Career Counseling Initial Session And Summary.

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