Behavioral Genetics

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Heredity and the environment produce an individual difference in development. Behavioral genetics has an impact in development. Behavioral genetics according to Francis Galton is based on “a man’s natural abilities that are derived by inheritance, under exactly the same limitations as are the form and physical features of the whole organic world. ” The role of behavioral genetics is based on human behavior influenced by genetics and the environment.

For instance, Galton focused on the study of inheritance of gifted and talented families, and found that intelligence might be genetic, yet he also found that it has a lot to do with environmental factors. Galton researched in behavioral genetics including studies of twins and adopted children to compare environmental factors and biological factors. While contemporary behavioral genetics being the largest branch of human behavioral genetics covers phenotypes such as alcoholism, bipolar disorders, and schizophrenia however, investigations have not yet found genes associated to these mental illnesses but are rather environmental.

Behavioral genetics has implications in society that affects a massive amount of physical behaviors that includes homosexuality, aggression, and nurturing, and intelligence. For example, the amount of tolerance that a trait would fur goes for prisoners or homosexuals such as getting treatment or prevent the birth of individuals affected. The only known fact is that no gene determines behaviors.
This was proved by a study published in 1999 of the “smart gene” this gene was practiced on mice by injecting what is known as the high gene, and the study came to a conclusion that the learning enhancement only lasted a few hours, and was only retain in short memory. Having a certain trait does not mean that the trait will develop instead it can only be taken as a chance that it might or may not. Behavioral genes is still quite a mystery but can not be elapsed because there are major possibilities that traits may exist.

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Behavioral Genetics

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